Demo site to showcase web-based ideas for Soneva. You can read descriptions of the various pages below, and navigate to see pages of interest.

1. Careers Listing

Dedicated Soneva recruitment and job vacancies website. All current vacancies are listed and searchable, and site visitors can easily apply for a specific job. The application process currently is to email the appropriate HR Manager, but can develop an online application form.

2. Careers Admin

Soneva HR staff can manage the company vacancies by logging in to this admin page. New job vacancies can be uploaded using an online form, and ‘filled’ vacancies can be removed.

2. Guest Survey

Example of a customer satisfaction survey (completed by each guest on departure). A direct link can be emailed to survey participants, and the results are returned to an email address for collation. Online forms might also be useful for:

  • Guests – ad hoc form to ask about specific new services or experiences.
  • Hosts – job application form, exit interview, submit operational suggestions & improvements (anonymously).

3. Art Gallery

Photo ‘catalogue’ to display the glasscycle Art Gallery. A simple page to highlight the individual pieces, so content can be expanded considerably if required.


Extra features can include :

  • Niche blog-style micro-sites with regular updates, eg:  Waste-to-Wealth, Glasscycle, Fresh-in-the-Garden, visiting Tastemakers.
  • Website Signup Forms (to collect email addresses from opt-in website visitors) and emailing lists (update, manage).
  • Newsletters – create targeted mailshots:
    • glasscycle artworks quarterly newsletter;
    • mailshot request to complete a specific online survey;
    • announcements for new career opportunities.

Future Development Ideas

Online photo gallery of all Villas and Residences, featuring high resolution images in a dedicated gallery. Possible uses include –

  • Guests – browse the various Villa categories and showcase the Residences. Open access or with individual password pages.
  • Hosts – reference the features of all Villas and Residences; report details of housekeeping, required maintenance work, upgrade progress, etc.